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San Carlos, Antioquia, Colombia

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The ground will be marked by the steps of the first agents of change that will live and work in Casa Bahareque, who, when arriving from different parts of Colombia, Switzerland and the entire world, will expand the foundations strengthening the solid construction to give a proper welcoming to each new participant.

The walls of Casa Bahareque will be a mixture of voices and knowledge that will come to light in every meeting under the physical and virtual roof of the house.

Every creative action in favour of memory and the resolution of social conflicts will mean one more brick built creating a space of empathy and reconciliation between all the parties of the Colombian conflict.

This framework of proposals and creative actors, voices and ideas, art, creativity and design, is solidified with concrete actions represented in the development of products or the re-dignification of rural spaces, which we will project overseas to be heard and replicated around the world.




To create a laboratory house that researches and seeks the re-dignication of the cultural identity of the communities victimized by the armed conflict in eastern Antioquia, Colombia with the direct participation of their inhabitants and the intervention of international communities.



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